on Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is an Edupunk class.This class is on casual English,informal English ,popular idioms and polite American slang.Study English language from a different perspective!!All are welcome to this class.It will be fun filled.You can enjoy the game and study the language on the go.
 So speak more naturally, and understand conversational speech. 
A sound knowledge  of slang and idioms are essential to know the native english conversation in its full depth

American slang is different from British slang because of the evolution of American English ...

When the pioneers living in the new world had children, they taught their children to pronounce words the way they were written, in order to keep things simple. This was the first break from British English.

As the nation grew, so did its own casual variety of the English language, which was influenced by cowboys, sports, the building of the railroad, the card game of poker, African-American culture, immigrants, natives, etc
The winners of the last week .First place :Muhatek S
Second Place:Gaurav  Walia ,Farah
Third Place: shabnaaz i


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