Winners of the last week

on Friday, February 10, 2012

The last week's class on edupunk was  really interesting and fun filled with a healthy competitive air that let the learners get an extra interest in understanding the different slang words and idiom used in American English .The class design was simple and attendees were asked to answer the MCQ like structured power point items .There were questions which none of them answered and there were items which most of the students delightfully shot in to the chat box !Yet the timing was difficult for certain attendees as there was a difference in one hour for the class from usual /regular timings . The certificates were awarded for the winners by the end of the session and The prizes were received by the following members :
 First Prize : Zainab
Second Prize :Mimi
Third Prize : Anusha Priyamal
To see the certificates awarded for last week's winners  C LICK HERE  or HERE

Teaching Idioms Effectively with Web 2.0 Tools

on Monday, February 6, 2012

The ‘ Class -Title hunt ’@ Edupunk Casual English

on Thursday, February 2, 2012

The ‘ Class -Title hunt ’ @Edupunk Casual English

The ‘ Class -Title hunt ’ 

       I had been in search of a name that would be consistent with the class description .What I wanted was to avoid the misconceptions and avoidance behaviour that may arise in the passive learner by seeing the name of the class .If the ‘title’ was simple ,it would ensure the attendance of both the active and passive learner. It is sure that, passive learners would flee away from the classes having technical jargons and complex words. 

            I never wanted people to feel uneasy and tensed after attending my class. The sole purpose behind these classes were to give a relaxing atmosphere that support the learner. And at the end of the day (class) the learner MUST feel that he or she has acquired some knowledge or information and that too without strain. This is the main motto of today’s educational reforms as such! We all know what and how much the concerned authorities (especially those in the field of curriculum constructions) do work for this.

                At least some of you might get distracted by the term ‘Edupunk’ but the core idea of the channel was to create a midway between education and edutainment .I’m sure that a small percentage of our readers may (at some point of time) have got confused by reading the articles on fun and games ,that there is no demarcation between Edupunk and Edumacation !!!! If it is so, then it is absolutely incorrect. We do aim at professional standards with propos ethics in the channel. 

                  Nevertheless, ‘Fun’ is the basic ingredient in all our classes.‘Fun’ doesn’t mean absence of ‘Professionalism’ or ‘Academic nature’ .By ‘Fun’ we dream about a class design that will trigger maximum learning through ‘fun-filled’ games that has the capacity catch the attention of the adult learner(as for man) but we do forget all age groups. So I will be able to bring interest in the learner to learn. At it is said that ‘interest’ is the mother of ‘attention’, once we are able to catch the attention of the learner, the next thing is to maintain it and to ensure that ‘learning’ takes place with much ease.

              Back again, to the ‘class – title hunt’. So these were the reasons which made me go in search of another title for the classes. Finally I felt like adding a casual touch to my class. So went forth to add title .This I believe will not chase away the weakest and least interested learner. I hope there is much in the ‘titles’ that can create a first impression about the class even before getting to know about the class details .

          In fact, most of the online learners never like to be in a place where there is strict academic discipline and highly complex learning content. We never wish to get out of our comfort zones wherever it be online or offline. So it’s highly necessary to take this into mind before creating a class design.

Edupunk; From Slangdango to Casual English

on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My journey with Edupunk by Balqis Thaahaveettil[/caption] My Punking Lessons @Edupunk Polite American slangs and idioms. I really enjoyed the sessions because of the warm acceptance of my classes among regular visitors. By and by people added up and my regular attendees on my Psychology classes were really inspiring and encouraging me to. They were always by my side to help me around in the class.
                                                    Since two years I had been conducting classes and was constantly reinforced by the support I got from these classes. Whenever I got stuck to any of the typical traditional designs of classroom teaching, I was been relentlessly pushed by George’s punking to device newer game designs. I sometimes even doubted the need for following his rule (Keep it simple and stupid )

                                      My early classes were total experimentation I had tried the idea of coming up with a totally informal stuff that would entertain the learners and ensure the edutaining values of our Edupunk movement .It was named as ‘Slangdango’ by George himself. These classes were focused on Polite American Slang words which most non-native speakers and even some native (group slangs) were totally unaware of .There was great acceptance for my classes on slang words.The main reason I could fathom for this was the innate interest of people to know the secret codes and vernacular sayings .
                     The preparation and presentation of such a class for a non-native like me was really tiring because I had to cross check each and every word. But I am extremely thankful for my American friends who always came to help. Later on when the popular demand of the slang –words-class was reaching its peak, some of the European and American attendees started requesting me to give up the term ‘dang’ which refers to ‘damn’ a kind of ‘swearing’ word which normally really polite people dislike to teach their kids even though ‘moms and dads’ used them whenever needed .So the class titles were changed.
                         As the preparation for such classes were too much time consuming. I was advised by George to give up that lengthy preparation by adopting something which was easy and fun involving. So I had to quit that too in the long run and as there was a chance of dividing people and the communities on the basis of the common slang words they used, I had to be serious while playing those games in class.

Casual English by Balqis @Edupunk

on Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello dear readers ,
I'm happy to provide you the collection of my past classes which includes interesting games and quizzes based on a variety of vocabulary ideas comprising of American idioms and polite slang words to general English idioms  based on British English which may be highly helpful for the TOEFL and IELTS students around the world . At present  I'm giving classes on Edupunk Channel's organizational account on and not on my own account .You may get the tutorials of the classes on my profile .Click here to get them .You can get my recorded classes on Edupunk Channel by clicking HERE 

Learn English for Free

on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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