Start Learning English

on Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Start Learning English

Use this page as a starting page for working on English basics including ABCs and 123s, spelling rules. English tenses and important grammar points are explained with follow-up quizzes. Other resources will help you build your vocabulary and practice your English with reading, listening comprehension and practice speaking dialogues.
  1. ABCs and 123s
  2. The Basics - Quizzes
  3. Verb Forms and Tenses
  4. Tense and Verb Form Quizzes
  5. What Type of Word?
  6. Important Differences
  7. Important Exceptions and Rules Quizzes
  1. Essential English Phrases and Vocabulary
  2. Listening Practice
  3. Speaking Help for Beginners
  4. Reading Comprehension Practice
  5. Writing Help
  6. Review the Basics
  7. Helpful Learning Products

ABCs and 123s

The ABCs and 123s are the building blocks of English. These include letter and number pronunciation, spelling rules, the parts of English speech, the verb "to be", basic prepositions and the use of A, An and The.
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The Basics - Quizzes

Use these quizzes to test your understanding of the basic building blocks in English. These quizzes include listening, grammar and vocabulary recognition.

Verb Forms and Tenses

These are the basic tenses to express things that happen in the present, past and future. Important topics such as auxiliary verb use (do, did, have, will, etc.) and time expressions are also discussed.

Tense and Verb Form Quizzes

Use these quizzes to test your knowledge of correct tense conjugation and verb forms.

What Type of Word?

These pages help you use other important words in English such as adjectives (hot, big, fast, etc.) and adverbs (carefully, always, sometimes, etc.), as well as the comparative (good - better, happy - happier, etc,) and the superlative (the worst, the most difficult, etc.)

Important Differences

English has many exceptions and special rules for plural forms, countable and uncountable nouns, gerund or infinitive forms and more. These pages will help you understand some of the most important special rules in English.

Important Exceptions and Rules Quizzes

Use these quizzes to test your understanding of important exception and rules in English.

Essential English Phrases and Vocabulary

Build your basic English vocabulary using these resources. You'll find a list of the 1,000 most common English words with pronunciation examples, vocabulary lists focusing on weather, family and more. Use the picture dictionaries to help you learn food, sports and jobs related vocabulary.

Listening Practice

Improve your listening skills with these beginning level listening comprehension quizzes. These listening selections concern everyday subjects such as understanding numbers, making plans and asking about prices.

Speaking Help for Beginners

These pages will help you with speaking skills including pronunciation and basic dialogues that you can follow for role-playing.

Reading Comprehension Practice

These short reading selections will help you with your reading skills. The topics include basics such as working in an office, cooking and friends.

Writing Help

These writing practice pages will help you begin writing in English. Learn how to write basic letters, descriptions of people and cities, simple essays and use a dictionary to help you with writing.

Review the Basics

These tests will help you review beginning level English grammar and vocabulary.

Helpful Learning Products

These recommended books and dictionaries will help you continue to learn English in the classroom and at home.

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