Edupunk; From Slangdango to Casual English

on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My journey with Edupunk by Balqis Thaahaveettil[/caption] My Punking Lessons @Edupunk Polite American slangs and idioms. I really enjoyed the sessions because of the warm acceptance of my classes among regular visitors. By and by people added up and my regular attendees on my Psychology classes were really inspiring and encouraging me to. They were always by my side to help me around in the class.
                                                    Since two years I had been conducting classes and was constantly reinforced by the support I got from these classes. Whenever I got stuck to any of the typical traditional designs of classroom teaching, I was been relentlessly pushed by George’s punking to device newer game designs. I sometimes even doubted the need for following his rule (Keep it simple and stupid )

                                      My early classes were total experimentation I had tried the idea of coming up with a totally informal stuff that would entertain the learners and ensure the edutaining values of our Edupunk movement .It was named as ‘Slangdango’ by George himself. These classes were focused on Polite American Slang words which most non-native speakers and even some native (group slangs) were totally unaware of .There was great acceptance for my classes on slang words.The main reason I could fathom for this was the innate interest of people to know the secret codes and vernacular sayings .
                     The preparation and presentation of such a class for a non-native like me was really tiring because I had to cross check each and every word. But I am extremely thankful for my American friends who always came to help. Later on when the popular demand of the slang –words-class was reaching its peak, some of the European and American attendees started requesting me to give up the term ‘dang’ which refers to ‘damn’ a kind of ‘swearing’ word which normally really polite people dislike to teach their kids even though ‘moms and dads’ used them whenever needed .So the class titles were changed.
                         As the preparation for such classes were too much time consuming. I was advised by George to give up that lengthy preparation by adopting something which was easy and fun involving. So I had to quit that too in the long run and as there was a chance of dividing people and the communities on the basis of the common slang words they used, I had to be serious while playing those games in class.


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