How cool is this?

on Thursday, December 23, 2010

I was just sitting down to relax for the evening.  Then I saw this strange invite from a Zilzila (sounds like gorilla) to a new Malayalam blog.  Wow! This is the first offspring of our Karaoke ESL family.  There are many blogs that are connected to us by their teacher/authors but this one is much closer related.  I feel like I came home and my wife surprised me with a new baby in the family!

I have two close friends who speak Malayalam.  You will have to join us on the Edupunk Channel to discover who started this site. One is a beautiful teacher who will be offering classes on the Edupunk starting next year. The other is a physicist who doesn't understand humor but is helping us build fun toys for our online classes.  They are helping me to reach out and welcome all who would speak English from the Malayalam tongue.  This is so cool, I am very honored and humbled to be embraced by your countrymen.  I look forward to many nights of singing and enjoying each other's company.

George teaching at WizIQ
I will not be here very often.  But you can always find me in class.  I would dearly love to visit you guys one day.  I know an animal psychologist in India who thinks she can help me ;-) so, you can be sure I will visit one day. Below is a photo album of some pictures of me. Jai Ho  (that is as close to Malayalam as I can get) .


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