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on Friday, October 7, 2011

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What is Edupunk?

by Tammy Taiba
Posted on 07 October, 2011
Many of us have heard about this term “Edupunk” but maybe many do not know yet what does that refer to exactly. Here is just a brief idea about it:
o   Edupunk is a group of people who want to redefine the concept of non-traditional learning/ teaching in an online environment. They are “people of light minds and alike interests moving together toward certain goals”.
o   It is a new way for people to communicate and learn together.
o   It is a portal or group setting where people can earn money (not only teachers but also students).
o   It is a separate channel where people can create their own activities and games in a live environment.
o   It is not a place for depending on others (anti-slavery community).
o   It is an environment that has free empowered people who have the ability to do something unique.   
Some of the Basic Concepts in the Edupunk Channel:  
o   Self discovery by making experiments through different online fun centric activities like “games” or “English corners”.
o   Everyone can teach and everyone should teach. (e.g. teaching children, helping friends, sharing information…etc).
o   Human interaction (i.e. individuals or teams).  
o   Brining value (everyone has something valuable to offer and share).
o   Creating several games’ levels which are suitable for student’s need (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).
o   Combining objectives with goals: teaching along with helping people.  
o   Connecting the individuals’ visions and ideas together for the purpose of reaching fruitful goals in the future.
Who is an Edupunker?
An Edupunker is a person who is:
o   Self fulfilling and true to oneself.
o   Willing to help others and is critically needed by the surrounded people.
o   Unique and special in the way of learning/teaching.   
o   Leader not a follower.

by The Edupunk posted on 07 October, 2011
Great points, I would add
FUN and games and FUN and singing and Fun stuff with experimenting and FUN activities with discovery
Oh and did I mention FUN?
Thanks Tammy

by Tammy Taiba posted on 07 October, 2011
I guess Edupunk is mainly about "FUN" activities.
Thank you George.
by Balqis Thaahaveettil posted on 07 October, 2011 (Edit Reply)
Yes, Tammy you did it ! This is really great !!!
This discussion is really good for people who wanted to know what "Edupunk " is .There are a lot of creative people around who looks in to things with a different perspective (the right brain stuff ).  This channel is meant for all those whom you have mentioned above :)
In short, this is the The Fun Place to Learn!
by Tammy Taiba posted on 07 October, 2011
Thanks so much Balqis for this clarification. You are absoluetly right.  If we work all together along with many people, Insha Allah we will be able to move forward and achieve something great as an organization. "Fun" is fun and we would like to use that as much as possible for better outcomes.

Good Luck Edupunkers!!


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