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on Saturday, October 29, 2011

word of the week

  • Do you find it easy to learn new vocabulary in English? Word of the week is a great way to learn new words. Every week there's a new video showing children in the UK using the word.
  • Rubbish is stuff that you put in the bin, or it can mean really bad.
    "Like this book. It's rubbish!"
  • Nonsense is something silly or stupid.
    "My baby sister talks nonsense sometimes."
    "You mean, like this? Bla, bla, ga, ga....."
  • secret is something you and only a few other people know, and you mustn't tell anybody else.
    "What are you two whispering about?"
    "It's a secret."
  • party is when you get together with family and friends to celebrate something special.
    "For my birthday, I'm going to have a party with eighteen friends."
    "Oh good! Can I come too?"
    "Hmmm.... maybe."
  • When you recycle rubbish, you put it in a special container so it is used again.
    "Do you recycle rubbish at home?"
    "Yes, we recycle glass, plastic and paper."
    "So do we."


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