Fish Are Everywhere

on Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fish Are Everywhere

A: The ocean is so big.
B: You can’t see the end of it.
A: It goes on and on forever.
B: And it’s deep, too.
A: I think it’s five miles deep.
B: Are there fish at the bottom?
A: There are fish at the top and the bottom.
B: Are there more fish or more people?
A: I think there are more fish.
B: I hope so. I love to eat fish.

  The ability to speak English is truly a gift which throws open various avenues for you. However you need not be disheartened if you are struggling to speak English fluently. With a correct approach and a positive frame of mind speaking English can really be very simple. All you need to do is to start interacting with people in English.

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. It is an important official language across various government organizations of the world and also a status symbol in many countries. A knowledge of English language throws open various opportunities in some of the biggest corporates of the world. The knowledge of English can help you to interact with the most knowledgeable people in the world.

If your English lessons are based only on text books then chances are that you will struggle with speaking English. In fact this has been the problem with the traditional English speaking lessons. The traditional method pays very less attention to the importance of providing sufficient exposure to the students. This lack of practical knowledge can become a big hindrance in your ability to speak fluent English.

To increase your chances of speaking fluent English, fortunately institutes across the world have come up with new and innovative ideas. The modern day English speaking lessons concentrate more on providing practical experience to the students. It provides an opportunity to students to go out into the open market place and interact with the people in English. This is a truly amazing experience which boosts the confidence of the students and help them to improve their spoken English.

Even the syllabus of these courses have been designed in a special manner. The syllabus is based on constructivist and psycholinguistic principles which is based on the use of certain symbols which help the students to associate with the language and create a 'memory map'. This speeds up the the entire learning process and helps the students to grasp the pronunciation in a batter manner. The students can also communicate in English as soon as the classes gets over.

The communicative and interactive approach towards speaking English lessons offer various advantages. It instills a confidence in the students by allowing them to converse in English. It adopts an active approach by giving you a chance to converse in English with the native people and hence drives away all the fear.

English is the official language of communication across the major government bodies and International conventions in the world. Knowledge of English language surely gives new wings to your career and helps you to explore new horizons.


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