on Saturday, November 19, 2011

Las Vegas Part 2 Conversation

Key Words
like a kid in the candy store: to be very excited about something
run into a lot of temptation: to have a lot of things that you would want to do
hangin’ out: casually passing time
caught up in the moment: to become completely involved in something
hittin’ the ATM: to take money out of the bank
threw their lives away: destroyed (or ruined) their lives
a little bit: a small amount
the/that kind of money: a lot of money
I got you: I understand
lose their cool: to get angry or upset
flip out: to get angry or upset; same as lose your cool
would have killed me: would have been very angry at me
break down and cry: to cry
bang out: to do quickly
when in Rome: behaving the same way as a certain group of people
(a)round the clock: all the time
lose track of time: to forget what time it is
game over: the end; to be finished
get hitched: to get married
tyin’ the knot: getting married
a pretty big deal: very important


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